Vote for Emily because…


I am THE PROGRESSIVE candidate.


In this race, there are many folks claiming to be “progressive.” But “progressive” is not just a campaign buzzword — it has real meaning.

Being progressive means understanding that we CANNOT afford to abandon our public schools and cede public education to a market-based model of reform that has failed to create more equitable outcomes for students, their families, and their communities. These reforms often push for more high-stakes testing, but that is not what we need. My years of experience have taught me that too much emphasis has been placed on standardized testing. Learning is so much more than passing a test, & education justice is not about closing a test score gap -- it's about closing the opportunity gap.

Being progressive means acknowledging and closing that gap by providing schools in high poverty areas with the kinds of resources their wealthy counterparts enjoy: state of the art facilities, small class sizes, rich curriculums and well-rounded programming that includes the arts, sciences, civics, etc., as well as compensating for the kinds of traumas many children living in areas of concentrated poverty face, providing them with wraparound services, an abundance of counselors, trauma-informed training for educators, etc.

Progressive organizations and leaders have endorsed my vision for education in Ward 1 and the District, including the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America, Jews United for Justice, Democracy for America, and the Washington Teacher’s Union. You should too!


I have the MOST relevant EXPERIENCE.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 7.18.38 AM.png

I am the only candidate with 20 years of education experience, a child in DC schools, and a record of advocating for by-right public schools.

I am a life-long EDUCATOR.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 8.22.12 AM.png
  • 22 years of education experience

  • 7 years as a classroom teacher

  • A doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania

  • 10 years as a mentor to DC Teachers with Center for Inspired Teaching, DC Soup, The Washington Teachers Inquiry Group

  • Lecturer at Georgetown University’s

  • Co-founder of Artful Education

I am a PARENT of a child in DC schools.

  • First-grader in the DC school system

  • Member of DC parent equity group Kindred

  • Have first-hand experience with the DC lottery system





I will organize with communities so that every student can thrive in a strong public school.

Here’s my plan:

1) Support & strengthen neighborhood schools:  I will fight to ensure that every neighborhood school in Ward 1 has the supports and resources it needs to provide a well-rounded education and social services to students and their families. Today the District puts the onus on parents to find a better school for their kids by applying to the public school lottery, but the lottery doesn't feel like choice: it feels like chance. I believe that the lottery denies deserving students access to a great education.

2) Move away from high-stakes testing:  I will advocate for measures that make standardized tests only one part of a well-rounded and fair assessment system. The overemphasis on test score data has driven away teachers, narrowed school curriculums and frightened school officials into falsifying the numbers, all of which disproportionately hurt low-income students. We must hold public schools accountable to robust standards while trusting educators and communities to design curricula that educate the whole student. Let’s take the money we would otherwise waste on tests and related materials and recommit it to closing the opportunity gap.

3) Build teacher, family, & student power: I will organize with teachers, families, and students to strengthen our School Board’s power and to make sure that the Board supports the people closest to the classroom. I want to use my seat on the board to stand up for parents, teachers and students. I will also work to ensure that families’ informed concerns about their children’s schools are taken seriously. I have previously testified as a parent and as an expert along with hundreds of other parents and teachers at open forums organized by OSSE, the DC department of education and I know how testimony is ignored when decisions are made.


There is SO MUCH AT STAKE in this election.


I am the only Ward 1 candidate with no ties to corporate education reform.

This matters because corporate ed reformers have set their sights on Ward 1. As education activist Matt Frumin tells The Washington Post (Stein, 2018), “national players with an agenda are investing thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, to guide the most local elections that we have, which is education.”

With 50% charter schools, D.C. is at a tipping point. We must fight to ensure that public education in Ward 1 and the rest of District has the resources necessary to thrive. We must organize to build community power and demand that Ward 1 kids, families, and teachers have a seat the decision-making table.

I decided to run for DCSBOE because I believe that Ward 1 should have a truly progressive representative—one who believes in public schools, has experience with and expertise in education, and will act on behalf of Ward 1 communities… not the corporate ed reform lobby.