Ward 1 Education Council

The Ward 1 Education Council (W1EC) keeps Ward 1 citizens and those with an interest in Ward 1 schools informed of developments. It also gathers together those with an interest in the schools to discuss issues, share perspectives, and, when desirable, to take positions on issues related to our schools. Meetings of W1EC are open to all DC residents or individuals working within DC who have with an interest in Ward 1 schools, including: residents of Ward 1, students who attend Ward 1 schools, parents and family members of students who attend Ward 1 schools, and teachers and staff in any Ward 1 school.

Office of the Ombudsman

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The DC Office of the Ombudsman for Public Education describes itself as “an impartial, independent, and neutral office that uses mediation and conflict resolution to resolve complaints and concerns for parents and families regarding public education in the District of Columbia. The Office uses an ‘Activist Ombudsman’ approach. We believe it is our responsibility to speak out against the systemic inequities that hurt our city’s children.”

Office of the Student Advocate

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The Office of the Student Advocate “supports students, parents, and families in their advocacy through parent education, one-on-one coaching, resource supports, and trainings in order to amplify the voices of families and communities in processes and decision-making; to provide avenues for access to resources and understanding systems; and to support power families and communities already possess.”