While DC schools have been praised by some experts as among the fastest improving in the country, and many Ward 1 schools lead the way in quality and diversity, we still have much work to do to make all of our schools vibrant learning communities with the capacity to serve every student well. In our city the people who have the most experience in schools -- educators and school leaders -- and the most at stake-- students and families -- have the least say.  I’m committed to changing that. I’ll use my experience in schools and my relationships with parents, educators, and neighbors to advocate for sound, forward-thinking policy.

In our top-down system, the focus has been on looking good--it’s time to focus on doing good. 


1. Tackle problems with the lottery and school enrollment

  • Amplify constituent voice to increase access to quality schools for all our children 
  • Add resources to enhance high quality neighborhood schools and strong feeder patterns across Ward 1
  • Build a culture of collaboration between charter and neighborhood schools

2. Address the income-based school quality divide

  • Advocate for greater support and the expansion of community schools that
    • Provide motivating  and engaging yearround learning opportunities
    • Offer essential health and social supports and services
    • Engage families and communities as assets in the lives of their youth

3. Create conditions conducive to teacher and principal retention

  • Shift from a culture focused on looking good to one that encourages educators to do good by          applying their professional expertise and knowledge about individual student needs
  • Provide more substantive supports for struggling teachers and students
  • Reduce class sizes and student-teacher ratios

4. Demand more meaningful school evaluation criteria & methods  

  • Include surveys of family, student, and teacher input as a significant part of the school evaluation  process
  • Assess practices and characteristics we aim to cultivate in our schools
  • Explore deeper, teacher-led methods for accountability, such as the School Quality Review

5. Work to improve communication and transparency

  • Push for greater SBOE role between constituents and policy-makers
  • Demand more transparency in important matters such a teacher turnover and school funding
  • Advocate for more public input into how the Deputy Mayor of Education and the Chancellor      are chosen