Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Emily?

Emily is a longtime Ward 1 resident, a parent of a child in DC schools, an educator and a public school advocate who knows schools inside out. Read about her work as a teacher, mentor to new teachers, and public school advocate here.


Emily believes that our schools belong to all of us, and that they are in danger of becoming disconnected from parents, teachers, and students themselves, who know what students need. Emily’s commitment to democratic involvement in public schools has motivated her to run for school board. Emily  knows that schools thrive when teachers, students, and parents exercise power in decision-making.

What is the DC State Board of Education?

The State Board of Education is one of DC’s few elected bodies. It has the chance to review DC’s policies and plans for its schools, and to invite public input on these matters. It has limited power, but enough power that hedge fund managers and corporate reformers with ties to Wall Street and Betsy DeVos are funding candidates in DC. That money is NOT flowing to Emily’s campaign because she has no hidden agenda, and will be accountable only to Ward 1 students, teachers, families, and neighbors. Period.

What are the characteristics of Ward 1? 

Ward 1 is the most densely populated and diverse ward in DC, and our schools reflect that. We have Head Starts, dual language programs, an extended year elementary school, and alternative schools for kids pushed out everywhere else. We have students who have recently arrived from Central America, students who live in affluence, and students experiencing intergenerational poverty.

Many Ward 1 schools lead the way in quality and diversity. Still, we have much work to do to make all of our schools vibrant learning communities with the capacity to serve every student well.  Emily is running to amplify teacher, student, and parent voice in Ward 1. 

When’s the election?

November 6. The current representative for Ward 1, the only member of the board with experience as a teacher who is also a parent with a child in DC schools, is stepping down. It is a nonpartisan race and there was no primary. Volunteer to help us on and before election day.

Am I registered to vote? 

Check here. To update your registration, click here.  
If you are a new DC voter, register online, by mail, or in person at least 21 days before November 6. Or, you can register the same day at the polls on November 6.

How can I help?

As a 100% grassroots campaign, we need you to win! Contribute, volunteer, and spread the word!