Emily’s Endorsements

Progressive Organizations


"The 44 leaders we've endorsed for county, municipal, and local elected offices in 2018 will not only have a direct and immediate impact on their community, they'll also provide important opportunities to develop, test, and implement the kind of bold, inclusive populist solutions our country desperately at every level of government.

"Democracy for America members are excited to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this transformative slate of county, municipal, and local leaders because we know that the fight for racial and economic justice has to waged from the top to the bottom of our ballots." — Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America

“Emily Gasoi has over 20 years of significant and relevant experience in education, fighting alongside students, teachers, and parents. She is running for the Ward 1 seat to strengthen our neighborhood schools so that families have a real choice about where to send their children. Emily has smart ideas to engage constituents and raise the visibility of the State Board, so it’s a body that can hold the system accountable. If she is elected to the State Board, Emily will be part of a strong progressive bloc who can help fix some of the challenges facing our public schools.” —JUFJ Campaign Fund



“Emily Gasoi is a parent, former teacher and co-founder of a democratically run school in Boston. She has an MA and a doctorate degree in Education Leadership. She co-wrote These Schools Belong to You and Me: Why We Can't Afford to Abandon Our Public Schools (2017) with Deborah Meier. Gasoi has supported WTU initiatives such as reducing the percentage that test scores can be used to evaluate schools as part of the ESSA Report Card. She is not beholden to corporate interests, understands the issues and will be a champion for neighborhood public schools, families and educators.” — Washington Teachers’ Union


“Our chapter is proud to endorse Emily Gasoi for the Ward 1 seat on the DC State Board of Education. Emily is an educator, parent, former teacher union member with @BTU66, and a lifelong advocate for public education for ALL. We can’t wait to organize with Emily!” — Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America


#VOTEPROCHOICE proudly endorses over 300 prochoice champions who pledge a deep commitment to lead on the issue of reproductive freedom. Our candidates are all running in critical races where reproductive rights are under threat. Each of them have shown excellence in pursuit of justice and are poised to lead in strategic races nationwide. The #VOTEPROCHOICE thoughtfully considers each candidate through an in-depth process involving application, interview, and contextual research. 


We are grateful to have @emilygasoi as an ally & proud to endorse her for DC Board of Ed! Emily is a lifelong educator and a parent of a D.C. student. your vote for her on Nov. 6th is a vote for students, teachers, and families like ours @ChavezSchools #edreform #charterschools

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Ward 1 Representatives

Angelica Castañon, Ward 1 Committee &

Commissioner ANC1A06

I was the textbook at-risk student- raised by a single mother, lived in a garage, surrounded by three rival gangs, received food from the church, lived in a car. But my teachers saw something in me that not even I could see. I made it out because of teachers. Today, I try and pay it forward by working every day to make sure every student has access to quality teachers and a great public school. One way we can all make this a reality- vote experienced educators into office! On November 6th, I hope you join me in voting for @emilygasoi.


Tony Donaldson, Jr., Ward 1 Democratic Committee member

Today I am honored and excited to endorse my friend @EmilyGasoi for the DC State Board of Education! #ImWithEmily because she has the experience as a parent, educator, and ed policy advocate that matters when it comes to ensuring all students get a high quality education!


Jon Stewart, Ward 1, Commissioner ANC1D01

I hope Ward 1 voters are paying attention to the @DCSBOE race. It’s painfully obvious that @emilygasoi is the best candidate. Vote for a teacher!

Individual Supporters


Although I usually don't endorse candidates I made an exception for @EmilyGasoi who is running for DC State Board of Ed. She co-wrote the book These Schools Belong to You and Me w @DebMeier and she's committed to strong public schools for all. We need her leadership!


Diane Ravitch, Ph.D.

Help elect an ally to the DC school board! Emily Gasoi is a lifelong educator, her opponent is a banker with no ed experience who was on the board of DFER. He’s out-fundraising her 3-1. Let’s crowd source Emily's campaign--with whatever you can afford!


I’ve known Emily for over two decades, as a colleague, co-author & friend. I can think of no one more qualified to serve on the @DCSBOE. Emily will bring deep experience & passion to the role. Please consider donating or volunteering!

- Deb Meier, educator, author, & advocate

Emily Gasoi has been an invaluable part of our DC-Project Zero group, which has nearly 2000 local educators from across educational sectors. She's a powerful advocate for public education. We need her fighting for Ward 1 now more than ever!"

- @JimReesePZ, Director of @WISSIT_DC