WTU Fund Our Schools Rally

On April 25th, about a month after the March City Council hearing on school budgets at which over 160 school stakeholders, including many students and families, came to testify about anemic budgets, I joined several of my SBOE colleagues to attend the Washington Teachers Union "Fund Our Schools!"  rally.

The rally was held in Freedom Plaza across from the Wilson Building where City Council meets. While many schools across the city are facing cuts of one kind or another, the hardest hit schools are those serving mostly low-income students in Wards 7 and 8. Many students from those schools spoke passionately about how harmful it will be to lose teachers and staff in their already struggling schools. WTU President Liz Davis assured protesters that they would continue campaigning until all schools receive adequate funding.  Once the speeches were finished, everyone marched over to continue chanting on the steps of the Wilson Building, with some protesters moving inside to let their voices be heard by council members in their offices. 

Advocacy for full funding continues to present. Most recently, the Ward 1 Education Council joined sister ward-level education councils/collaboratives and other edu-advocacy organizations in signing an open letter demanding that additional funding be targeted toward schools most negatively impacted by cuts. Read my blog for more about the WTU rally.  

emily gasoi