The PROGRESSIVE choice for WARD 1



THANK YOU, Ward 1, for electing me to the DC State Board of Education!

I am ready to organize with you to put those closest to the classroom—teachers, families, and students—at the center of decision-making.

Thank you, thank you, for the phone calls you made, the doors you knocked on, the meet and greets you hosted and attended, the friends you reached out to, the hours you spent at the polls, the contributions you made. And thank you for the vote you cast.

Thank you to members of my endorsing organizations –  Washington Teachers' Union, Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America, Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, District of Columbia Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff, Democracy for America – for your hard work connecting with voters and your constant uplifting support.

Now, the real work begins. After a few days of rest I’ll be reaching out to visit your schools, your PTOs meetings, your faith communities and neighborhood gatherings. It is a great honor to fight alongside you to build teacher, parent, and student power in our schools.

With tremendous gratitude, and great hope,


Emily’s Endorsements

Progressive organizations & leaders support my progressive campaign. You can too!


Meet Emily

I am a life-long EDUCATOR, a PARENT of a child in the DC school system, & a PUBLIC SCHOOL ADVOCATE.


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